Long Island Knitters - Anyone interested in a meetup?

My DH and I were at Robert Moses today. He was fishing and I was knitting all afternoon… It was so great sitting in my beach chair working on my project.

So while I was knitting away I thought how much fun would it be if there were other LI knitters on KH that would want to come out and knit on the beach with me.

I do not have any specific date in mind…if anyone is interested let me know and we can figure a time.

I am new here but have been looking for a knitting group on Long Island–I am in Nassau county, south shore for a long while. I tried to start one but we only met up a few times. It was great while it lasted tho! It’s always more fun to knit with a crowd! Looking foward to meeting fellow knitters.
Denise L

Hi Sanibelle,

I’m from the Garden City area & also love to “knit on the beach”…Although I don’t get there that often I find it very relaxing & enjoyable because I’m able to knit without interuptions. I think your idea is a great one! Babylon Village is lovely…I’m orginally from Massapequa & love Long Islands beautiful beaches.
Can I ask you what style of knitting are you most comfortable with?
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I was just going to post LI knitters ???
We just started a group and we meet every Wen. at Burger King in Merrick on Merrick Rd. Almost across from Trader Joes…
We chose there because it is convenient and because it it usually not busy… We had a real nice time this past wen and am looking forward to this coming Wen.
Come on and join us…

Email me at:

Hi Veronica,
Come to Merrick and join us this Wen at 10:00…
Merrick Rd. Burger King in Merrick 1/2 a block off the Meadowbrook Pkwy…


Hi Denise…
We are in Nassau too…
Come to BK on Wen at 10:00…
Merrick Rd. in Merrick
Where do you live Denise??
Email me at:

Hi Penny, Thanks for inviting me to join your knitting group on Wednesday. I hope I can make, but if not this week, maybe a Wednesday in the near future. I know exactly where the BK is on Merrick Rd in Merrick…Where do you buy your yarn? What is(are) your favorite yarn company(companies)?
Have a happy knitting day!

Thanks Knitcrazy for the incite, but I work all week so there is no way that I could make your group.

Anyone have a date that works (Saturday or Sunday) for a knit on the beach day??? I am good other than the first weekend in August.

Please post days that this would work for you!

What about having a meet up in the evening? Not too late in the evening of course…I used to meet up with some fellow knitters at the local Starbucks (Oceanside on Long Beach Road). It was pleasant and we weren’t bothered by management at all (beverages optional of course).
Where do you all buy your yarn?
Denise L.

Would anyone be interested in meeting at the Barnes and Noble by Walt Whitman Mall - halfway between Suffolk and Nassau!

I buy most of my yarn at the Village Knitter in Babylon - great selection, really good prices and the owner - Karen - is wonderful. She is friendly and helpful and will order anything I want if she does not have it in stock. I have tried a couple of other stores too but I like this one the best.

The B&N near the Whitman Mall would work great for me!:muah:

I work nights, so it would have to be during the day, though…

or maybe on the weekend?

I work days so weekends are perfect for me!

Anyone else???