Lone little felted- oops- Un-felted clog!

THis is the first clog I’ve ever done–I got into it late!! I’m also having to hurry to finish the other one so I can complete the July challenge–a felted item!!
I hope I’ve got it right. KellyK had to give me pointers , and I wish she’d have been at my elbow instead of the big wide web. Still I am so grateful for that!! She cheered me on, and I just have to get the other one done now!

I used Knitpicks–2 colors of gray, but I can’t even think of them now!! I ordered enough to do this pair and one other pair–as Christmas gifts for son and dil. If I get good at it, I’ll do some for my brothers and their wives, my grandsons and my mom, too!! Using the WOTA, they make really nice in-expensive Christmas gifts.

But I’m NOT commiting to that! (size=24][color=red]I [/color][/size]

Looking good!!

I’m going to have to get that pattern this weekend…I have plenty of WOTA for felting some clogs, baby :thumbsup: