Lola Knitting Cartoon Strip

In case you do not receive the Lion Brand newsletter or go to the website there is a rather cute seasonal cartoon up this week, here is the link.


That’s very cute, and…that’s totally me! :knitting:


Except I don’t knit sweaters. I would be knitting a hat on top of his head. Maybe I’ll finish b4 Christmas.:x: :knitting: :zombie:

Hahaha that’s funny

Love it! Thank you for sharing it.

That is very funny, and oh so true…

Cute, I was almost there…but finished up my last Christmas project this week. I made 4 pairs of felted slippers, and a felted needle case. DH made a beautiful felted bag for our daughter. Everything turned out nice, already got to see the responses to some of the slippers, they will be well loved. I have one more pair of slippers to do, (not by Christmas.) and then I am ready to move onto a pair of clogs. DH is working on his first sweater, one for me:)! After I’m done with the clogs I’m ready to leave “felting land” for awhile. Maybe a baby sweater for my grand daughter will be next.
Today I am baking, We have a big storm moving in tonight. I’ll knit this evening with a nice fire going in the fireplace, a cup of hot chocolate, and my loyal little dog curled up next to me. DH will be sitting nearby, our black lab at his feet, knitting away as well. Pure winter bliss, let is snow, let it snow let it snow.
Happy Holidays to all.

This is [I]so[/I] going to be me this year. I’ll have people sitting with their feet in my lap as I graft their new sock toes shut! :teehee: