Log Cabin - Kaliedascope baby blanket?

Hey guys and gals,

I’m stuck in bed on bed rest. :frowning: Just a week to go and I can have this baby! YEAH! Getting lots of projects finished. Sophie Bag in Noro Kureyon, some cotton bibs, baby hats, and some simple bootees. ANd Thank God dh bought me a lap top! :cheering: What sweet guy!

Anyway with allllll this time on my hands I remembered years ago before I knew how to knit I saw a pattern on a blog (I think it was a purchased pattern) that reminds me of log cabin knitting, but it wasnt squares, more like long triangles, and it looked like a kaliedascope and was knit in stocknet stitch. Sound familiar? It may have even had short rows (not real sure about it). I remember the blogger was making it as a baby blanket. It was really different and beautiful. Sound familiar?

Thanks Candace

Is there any way for me to be prescribed bed rest–without the pregnancy part? :thinking: Sending so many good wishes your way. In a week, your life will be changed (for the better) forever!

I found this, but it doesn’t look like a kaleidoscope.

Hey Ingrid,

hehe I think a baby would be an easy way out considering what else we could be on bedrest for! HA! Im pleased as punch to have a baby that wants to come early as my others seem to think making a late entrace is fashionable. :smiley:

The picture didnt come through, or Im doing something wrong. Let me know.


Let’s try this

Oh my what a new adventure you have in store for you. This is all so wonderful. I do so wish you a wonderfully blessed healthy event and cant wait till we hear about your little one. I dont have the one you speak of but there is a grandmas fan crochet pattern that looks like the old quilt pattern? do you crochet?