Log Cabin help please?

I decided to make a log cabin blanket and for some reason, between the areas where i join two colours, instead of a smooth transition from each, there is a deep ridge that looks like one row of stockinette. When i googled others blankets, they don’t have that, just all a nice smooth top… so what am I screwing up?

Hmm…not sure…but.how are you joining the two colours because if you are effectively double knitting a stitch then that would create a ridge when the rest of the knitting is single yarn.

I don’t know what stitch you are using, but if it’s garter, make sure you stop and start on opposite rows. If you stop on a p row, start new with a k row and vica-versa. It sounds like you might be doing 2 of the same row together. (k/k, or p/p)

Well I am kind of just guessing since I have never joined before in a project. I BO the row so that the last loop left on the needle is where I will start the next patch, then I just stick the needle in and loop the new colour around the needle- pulling it through the hole.

So I must just be ending on the wrong row then? Part of the trouble is I don’t know what WS and RS really means… I mean, I know right side and wrong side- but when you have just the one patch at first and BO, both sides look the same to me…

If it’s garter stitch, there is no discernible RS/WS until you designate one or the other.


When you’re doing a log cabin, the right side is the side that’s facing you as you bind off. It should also be the same side that’s facing you when you pick up stitches, whatever side you’re picking up from. That way your color changes will be smooth from row to row. :slight_smile:

Okay- I have figured out what was happening…

Because I am a lefty, but taught myself right handed using Amy’s videos- when I bind off and go to pick up stitches, I turn the entire work and try to pick up while holding the needle in my left hand and wrapping the yarn that way (going left to right) whereas Amy’s video’s show her picking up stitches on the right needle.

I tried and I cannot do it. I had to use a crochet hook and it was terribly awkward and took forever- but if I try to do it the way I was (with my left) I am fast at it. However, that is what was causing the stockinette looking row/gap between the patches.

I also tried to purl a row, but that just made a gap on the back side and left it looking odd in the front.

I don’t know what else to do- there are a lot of stitches to pick up on a log cabin, but I am painfully slow doing it the “right way”. Of course, one of the easiest things to do and I can’t manage it. I really wanted a log cabin too…

If I’m picturing the way you’re doing this right, you could still pick up stitches the “lefty” way, I think- just keep the right side (bind-off side) facing toward you, cut the yarn if necessary, and start picking up stitches on the left side of whatever edge your next block is on. Depending on what pattern you are doing, you might have had to cut the yarn anyway, so it shouldn’t be any big deal. You might just have to count rows a little more carefully.