LMKG's Child's Placket-Neck Pullover

Hi all,
A quick question for anyone who has knit this…
With this being my first sweater, I must say everything has been going very smoothly and it’s turning out beautifully!! Until now… I’m to the point in the pattern where I need to add 5 stitches using the cable cast-on method (for the neck placket), however, I’ve been trying to visualize it and I swear the neck placket is not going to be centered at all if I follow what the pattern says! It will be further towards the right sleeve…
After doing a quick search on this forum from past posts, I see that there’s actually a corrected version of this pattern… I’m wondering, is this what’s corrected? (Unfortunately, the corrected pattern is in .pdf format and the computer I’m using doesn’t have Adobe - long story.)

Do you want to post the link to the pdf and maybe someone could check for you?

Sure, that would be great if someone’s willing!

Here’s the link to LMKG book corrections:

And here’s the link to the pattern:

I may just go to the library tomorrow to open these and take a look for myself, because I’ve had this book for awhile now and Love it, but am wondering if there are any other corrections that I’m missing!

Adobe Reader is free software. You can find it on the Adobe website.


There’s no corrections in the first file for this sweater, they’re all in the 2nd one, which looks like the entire pattern.

The 5 CO sts are at the beginning of the round (which was moved so it’s at the front of the left sleeve), and begin working back and forth. I think the placket is at the shoulder, if I’m reading it correctly, though looking at the pictures, it’s supposed to be on the front. Was the beginning of the round in the middle of the front before?

Thank you for looking suzeeq…
The beginning of the round is on the front, right where the right sleeve starts. The original pattern has you cast on the 5 stitches 16 stitches (for size 0-6mo) before the end of the round, which leaves it off centered to the right. So, I’m assuming I’ll just move it over until it looks centered…
How confusing, I’m a bit disappointed that such a nice (& popular) book has to have corrections, but I guess mistakes happen!
Thanks again!!

You actually want it a little off center, by about 2-3 sts I think. The placket folds over the other side so the center st of the 5 would be the actual center of the front.