LMKG Child's Placket Neck Pullover - Help Please

I mostly lurk, so forgive me if my first post is a question. :blush:

I’m working on the child’s placket neck pullover from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I have finished the body and both sleeves. But I’m stumped. After I finished the lower body, the pattern tells me to place 8 stitches on each side on a marker, which I did. It also tells me to place 8 stitches from each sleeve on a marker, which I did. Now that I am finished with the sleeves I am supposed to knit the first sleeve onto the circ for the body next to the 53 sts for the front, pm and k the back sts. Then I am supposed to knit 37 sts from the left sleeve onto the circ next to the sts for the back pm and k the front. Then I pm for the beg of the round.

How do I knit these sts onto the circ? Do I just knit the 8 sts on the holder together or what? I’m confused how that will work out. Knit the 8? Knit them all? :??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I just looked at the LMKG website and there are corrections for the sweater (though none to the part I’ve done thus far). To see the instructions I’m talking about click here:


If you look in the finishing section, you’ll see that when the sweater is done, you’ll graft the 8 stitches from the sleeve together with the 8 st from the underarm of the sweater. So just leave them on the holders for now.

:smiley: Thanks!