Llama fiber?

Anyone spun this? I have NO iota on any details… My mom’s best friend just called me, “Hey Tropic, do you know how to spin llama hair?” “Um…” “Cuase my neighbor just dropped off a huge bag of it, and I’m gonna throw it out if you don’t want it. Could you use it?”

“YES!!! Don’t throw it out, pleeeeeeaaassee!!!”

Soo… She doesn’t want to open the bag, but she’s giving it to me. So, is spinning llama fiber any different than other fibers? Special considerations?:woot:

My uncle raises llamas but I haven’t gotten any wool yet. Good luck with yours!!!

I’ve spun some llama and alpaca. It’s treated pretty much the same as sheep’s wool to prep for spinning. Some spinners like to blend it with sheep’s wool b/c it isn’t as “elastic”, but I haven’t noticed a problem. It’s very soft, too.

It won’t have any lanolin like wool, it felts easier so careful when washing it.

you’ll want to separate it - keep the prime blanket area and use the rest for for felting or mulch. There may be some guard hairs you’ll need to pull out

Okay, I have spun some stuff, but mainly it’s me just experimenting. I have spun wool, lionhead, plastic bags and LGD fur. But I am really a VERY green beginner.

How do I seperate it, and what are the areas you are talking about?

Cool on the felting! I el oh ve ee felting!

The blanket area is where you would put a saddle on a horse. It will have a longer staple length and will be softer

Spread the fiber out and just start picking through it, you’ll be able to feel the differences.

Get rid of any short ‘2nd cuts’ - these will only cause you problems (unless you want a designer yarn with natural bumps and lumps!)

Guard hairs will be longer and stiffer than the prime fiber. Depending on the age of the animal, they could have none (young) to a whole lot (old). You can pull these out at any time.

Thank you!!

WOAH! WOAH! It came… happy dance It’s so pretty and soft! My mom says I’m a sicko cuz I’ve been holding this unwashed and to quote her, “STINKY”, fiber… Brown greys and red!! All sorta a heathered color… It’s gonna be gorgeous spun!!!

My sister and her husband have approx 30 llamas on their lifestyle block near Auckland. They had a couple of the young, but not 1st clip fleeces proffessionally carded and they are so beautiful. One red/brown fleece is so fine it equals v fine merino. I have only ever spun it carded with merino 50/50 but I dont see why one could not spin it on its own. Make sure you put enough twist in to hold but not too much to make it like string. Good luck.

It sounds beautiful! I can’t wait to see what yo udo with it! I don’t think I could dye it.

I dyed some, but I’m leaving alot undyed. :slight_smile: I’ll try to post pics when things simmer down here. :slight_smile: