Has anyone had any issues with ordering from this website? I placed an order on Nov 21st and got the initial automated response with what I ordered listed. I have not heard anything else. The money has not been taken from account. To be fair I have not tried calling them yet.

hmm I placed an order the other day, and they have taken the money through paypal. Keep us posted!

shelley, was your order over 20 before tax and sh?? if not, they automatically cancel the order. I read that while looking thru their site the other day.

Hmm I got a great response from!! I ordered what came out to be $29.something, and just put down standard shipping to save money. She sent it to me UPGRADED it to priority without charging me extra. She also wrote me about their yarns that were on sale, sent me a free pattern for a cotton market bag ,and sent me 2 little lengths of yarns I might be interested in making more socks with even!!

I was so pleased, I was about to write a great review on this forum, and I just did!! I’d never ordered there before and I was very pleased. It took me, in Virginia, about 5 days to get it from Washington state. I did use Paypal, too.

You might want to check to see if there’s a problem with your order not costing enough, or if shipping has been delayed for any reason!! She was more than accommodating, I thought. And that’s the way you keep first time customers coming back again and again.

Thanks for responding and I just checked my email and I received a USPS email saying she printed a shipping label for it today. Maybe things were hectic because of the holidays. My order was well over $20 so it better not have been cancelled :smiley: