Little People Big World

Anyone else a fan of this show? I love Amy’s sarcasm, and all the projects Matt takes on. I was :rofl: when Matt and Molly were eating the rotten peach to see who could bite closest to the nasty part without eating it!

I usually only see it in reruns these days. I gotta say Amy doesn’t bug me as much this season as she has in seasons past. She has always come off as mean to me. That isn’t to say that Matt isn’t clearly an idiot with some of the cwap he does but not sure that makes it okay for her to be so rude to him, especially in front of the kids.

I think it has rubbed off on the kids, or at least Zach, because he is downright rude too.

I am curious as to whether or not they are going to handle Matt’s drunk driving thing. I think it would be a good opportunity for some sort of PSA type show but I have a feeling that they won’t.

I couldn’t agree with you more! Zach acts like such a spoiled brat. I usually turn the channel when they focus on him. I mean, he’s 17 years old. Theres no excuse to treat your father the way he treats Matt. I mean, it’s not like he’s after them day after day hitting them with a stick. He has so much more than a lot of kids will ever have, he needs to appreciate what he has.

Of course thats just my opinion. :wink:

The family is on a cruise to the Bahamas now and this is the nicest they have been to each other. Every one is calm and having fun. I just can’t take the messy house. I guess Amy is just not a good housekeeper. It certainly does not phase her. It would drive me nuts.:???:

I like watching this show and agree that Zach is rude. If I ever spoke that way or acted that way with my parents I’d be in big trouble, especially my dad.

Amy is a bit rude too and their house is messy, I couldn’t stand it. But the show is funny to watch and I always enjoy seeing any shows that delve into families.

Anyone watch the John and Kate plus eight? They are mean to eachother too, but they have eight toddlers running around. I sure love to see those little ones, they are adorable.

When I am watching these show I keep wondering if I was being taped what people would be saying about me. Amy does seem to have chilled out a little this season.Maybe she hasn’t like what she has seen in the past seasons and is trying to be more patient.I wonder why they don’t have a cleaning service come in and help take care of the mess. I’m sure Merry Maid would love the advertising! .
I love John and Kate plus 8! Those kids are too cute. The twins are starting to get on my nerves with how bratty they can be. They are much younger than Zach on LP but they are all old enough to know the right way to act! My parents never would have allowed us to talk to them the way Maddy, Cara and Zach talk to their parents.

I haven’t watched the show but they live about 45 minutes away from em and there is always some story int he paper how strangers come up to thier property and jsut start walking around to see them like they’re public property or something. THey used to do this pumpkin catapult every year on thier farm but I heard one of thier kids got hurt doing it this year so they might not do it anyway more. And it brings them too much publicity anyway.

I :heart: Jon and Kate too. I gotta admit, if they lived near me I’d offer to babysit.

I LOVE that show! My mom got me hooked and I got a friend into it. My husband sees me in Kate so he likes it too- although he’d never admit it! Oh yeah, it’s JON, no H. Being married to a Jon, I’m always having to correct people and I always notice those who don’t have an H too.

As far as LPBW, I get tired of the way they baby Zach. Jeremy is always working hard and stuff, but it;s like they feel sorry for Zach. I know, he’s a LP and has had a tough life, but come on! Make him do something!


People always criticise LPBW and I always feel that it must be really tough to be filmed all the time and have your life on TV for everyone to judge. Yes, Zach can be rude, and Amy is also sometimes rude and the house is messy- but what kid isn’t rude to their parents sometimes? And what parent isn’t rude sometimes? And what house isn’t messy sometimes. They’re always on the run and it must be tough to keep the house tidy. Also, some people don’t really care what their house looks like- it’s not a priority for them. Maybe her priority is to spend time with her family.
I really like this show, and I have checked out the message boards on the TLC website, but I just couldn’t stand the criticisms. I think if they bother you that much, don’t watch it- you know?
Just my 2 cents!

My husband’s name is Jon, he usually just goes by his initials because everyone wants to put that H in there!:teehee:

I don’t really disagree with you, except that they signed on to have their lives filmed. I do generally try to play devil’s advocate when people are getting piled on with the snark but seriously, those two are/were pissy all the time! I say were because they don’t seem as bad this season as they have in the past. I generally feel a little bad at the thought that i am sure they have seen the things written about them on the TLC website but i always end up going back to them signing up for it.

Beyond that i do like the show a lot. I was a little bothered with it at first because it did feel a bit like pointing and gawking at the little people. happened across it one time and found that i really liked it. now i just need to get over their ridiculous editing where Jeremy has a giant fro and super short hair in the same episode. oy!

Brenda that is so funny you mentioned that! I just noticed that the other day. I called my sister who I knew was watching and asked didn’t he just have the fro? I wonder what the deal with that is.

One thing you should probably keep in mind whenever you watch a reality show is the editing. The producers use whatever footage gives them the best “storyline,” so they’ll put things in random order, or splice footage together to create the most drama. One reason they appear so bad-tempered is because that’s the footage used. There’s hours and hours of tape, and what gets chosen is the most interesting. Usually on reality shows you see less than 10% of what actually happened during the tapings, except for the storyline footage. I guess the producers figure them fighting/being pissy is better TV than getting along or being normal. One of my sister’s boyfriends was on a reality show, and he told me that when he watched the aired episodes he couldn’t believe it–whenever people in the house fought, they would bring up footage from weeks earlier to make it look like a lot more happened, and other things like that.
Just like the mistake with the haircuts–most of reality shows aren’t filmed chronologically. For example, if you watch certain reality shows, when the characters (because they are characters) do their confessionals, which is when they’re talking straight to the camera about things you’re currently watching, they’re always wearing the same outfit with the same hairstyle, because they’re talking about it afterwards. They’re instructed to use the present tense to make people think the interviews went on while it was actually happening. All kinds of things like that–like, for example, on a lot of shows you’re not allowed to refer to it as a “show”. You have to say “competition” or “game”, depending on what it is.

I really enjoy this show. I think that it shows how people function in the ‘real world’. No family is the Cleavers and we all have a bad moments (some more often than others).

I haven’t seen it for a couple weeks - only a couple commercials. Did Zack hurt his knee (I think they were paintballing in the woods or something) or was it just a tickler for the show? My curiosity is killing me …

no the commercials sort of made it look like and sound like it was him, but it was one of those twins he went to visit a season or two back. apparently his knee pops out of place at will and he just pops it back. creepy i say. :wink: by the time everybody got over to him, he had it back in place.

I like to watch both shows the LPBW and Jon and Kate…this year I was also hoping they would address the DUI…I think tonight in the previews they make it seem like Zach gets hurt but I haven’t watched it yet…

yeah that made my stomach flip when he popped that knee back into place :ick:

I usually only catch the re-runs so can someone update me on this DUI thing? None of those children are old enough to drink?! Barely old enough to drive too.

The twins on Jon and Kate sure do act bratty a lot of the time. I mainly laugh when I watch that show, constant chaos at that house, I am just happy it’s not me :oo: :slight_smile:

It was the dad- Matt who got a DUI- not the kids. It was in the summer when the show was on hiatus.

My favorite people on the show are Molly, and Matt’s parents! Molly and the grandmother “Honey” both knit! She seems like a pretty good kid, and is, I think, the most mature and best behaved.