Little Knits Website

Has anyone bought from this website and can you tell me something about their yarns, quality, and service?

I have purchased more than I care to admit from Little Knits. It takes a while for me to receive the package, but they’re across the country. I have never have had a problem, and their sales are awesome! Highly recommended.

So glad you asked! I think I like this site. :thumbsup: Thank you, Ingrid, for the recommendation!

Their prices are mind-boggling. I ordered some yarn.

I’m anxiously waiting for them to ship!

I’ve been drooling over their bags of sock yarn. I can order more yarn next month, I hope they have something good going then.

Any idea how it takes from them to send out the order? I’m at the 2 day mark…

With their moving sale going on they might be back logged. You might contact them and find out.

My orders are going out tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I just ordered some yarn, too!

Which yarn? :smiley:

I ordered a full bag (10 skeins) of Fibra Natura Heaven - Lavender-Purple for $25.99 (a savings of 71%) and a full bag of Bebe Cotsoy - Aquamarine for $14.99 (a savings of 75%). The Fibra Natura Heaven is a wool/silk blend and the Cotsoy is a cotton/soy blend. I did have to pay $11 for shipping, but I still consider this such a bargain. I hope it takes at least a week to get here because I want to finish the sweater I’m knitting now, with no distractions.

What yarn did you order?

I ordered a bunch of sock yarn. A grab bag of Regia Blitz 10x100gram skeins. I also got some sock yarn I paid $15 for in a yarn store for $5.40!

I knit sweaters and afghans – but would love to try socks. This would be a good place to get yarn to practice on.

That’s a really, really bad website and I will now rue the day you ever introduced me to it!! :roflhard:

Needless to say it’s now bookmarked and I’m sitting on my hands so nothing gets in my cart while I peruse…

If I can knit socks, anyone can. :slight_smile:

Totally agree, they’re easier than they look. All I’d ever knit before was dishcloths and scarves.