Little Knits order time?

I got an email last Wednesday with an order # in it, and a promise for a email with shipping info once it left…

Anyone who has ordered from them, how long do they usually take for shipping?

i ordered on the 5th and it was here on the 10th. and i live in the same state :shrug: it was a small order too, just one hank and a pattern. that was my first order from them.

I ordered on the 6th…got the payment clear notice, and the email on the 11th…

Maybe it will be here without an email?

Im just REALLY antsy for my yarn. I took advantage of the sale last week. :nails:

Same state…? You’re sorta in the next county over…

umm, is based in seattle. i live near tacoma … 45 minutes south:??

papergirl, she did send me a tracking number, and i chose usps shipping. have you checked a tracking number?

It took a few weeks for my order. I actually called and changed my order b/c I changed my mind about some yarn after my daughter saw it online and said, “YOU’RE KIDDING!!! YUCK!” LOL:roflhard:
I talked to Mary and she said they were VERY shorthanded at the moment so orders were taking longer. I DID get my yarn though, and it’s lovely.

umm, is based in seattle. i live near tacoma … 45 minutes south:scratchinghead:

That’s what I said… Pierce county is next to King county…

Just now in my email I found a tracking #. The email was sent about 2 hours ago.

Ill just have to keep my eyes open! :happydancing:

yay! :cheering:

Yeah, they take a while. And if you got the # today it means it really won’t ship until Monday. But they do have great sales!

my last order took about 10 days to arrive after I got the tracking/shipping order. No biggie- I wasn’t ready to use the yarn yet anyways!!!