Little help please?

I’m trying to make a king sized blanket. I know that my king size is 60×80 but I’m trying to use baby bernat vanilla and I’m trying to figure out how many skeins I need. I know that I need 138 stitches for 30 inches meaning I’d need 276 stitches for my 60 inch cast on. I have 220 yards in my 10.5 ounce skein. I was thinking I can just knit a series of smaller blankets and weave them all together. But that still doesn’t change my problem. If I were to make a 30x30 inch baby blanket I’d still need another skein to finish it. I got halfway through a blanket for my infant daughter and realized I’m gonna need more yarn. This is the super bulky bernat baby blanket yarn and it disappears before I can even get 5 or 6 rows completed. I casted on 140 stitches the first time which is only 2 stitches more than 30 inches. I figured maybe if she’s just gonna grow and grow maybe I should just make a big giant one that will never be too small.

If you’ve used up one skein of yarn on a section of a baby blanket, then measure the size of that piece and calculate the area. You can then calculate the area of the king size blanket (60x80=4800) and scale up the number of skeins needed. Since this is an estimate, you might add in an extra skein or two of this yarn.


Thanks much. Everyone on here is so helpful.