Little dazzler teddy bear

I’m knitting the dazzler bear,but I have become stuck in sewing the ears on.

What seems to be the problem with the ears? Sewing them on straight can often be a challenge.

I’ve gone to sew them on they do not look right compared to the pattern picture

The ears look like one edge is gathered and then that gathered edge is stitched to the head. Sometimes it helps to pin the ears in place before sewing.

The ear looks like this,just can’t work it out.

Gather the area marked by the red line a bit tighter by running a strand of yarn through it and pulling firmly then knotting the yarn strand. Then stitch the sides (blue dots) down to the head. The ear will fan out like the ears in the pattern photos.

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Wow, that answer even taught me how and I’m not even making a bear. Salmonmac, you are so fantastically awesome!!


Thanks very much, Trice. Now if only I could sew two arms or two legs in some balanced fashion that resembled a real bear or whatever.

Thank you for that ,I will have a look tomorrow as I have been away all weekend .

My finished product x


What a great looking pair! Such stylish coats too.

What an achievement!
I also love the little duffle coats, so cute.

Thank you x