Little Cotton Rabbits stocking Pick up and knit

I’m knitting Julie Williams Christmas Stocking (Little Cotton Rabbits). I’ve yet to get the [U]pick up and knit[/U] step right and all of my finished pieces have bad holes. It’s knit flat and she has pictures on the pdf but I’m still doing something wrong. Videos I’ve found are for socks knit in the round. I’d like step by step instructions specific to this pattern. I know a lot of folks (myself included) love this pattern and have successfully worked this step (as seen on Pinterest and Ravelry). It’s only five stitches but I’m coming at it from the wrong direction or something


Those really are darling stockings.

There are two things you might try:
Count the slip sts at the edge of the heel and space out your 5 picked up sts, skipping some of the slipped sts.

Pick up an extra stitch or two along the side of the heel so that no rows are skipped. Pick up an extra stitch at the corner where the heel meets the upper part of the sock. You can always do an extra row or two to decrease sts, just make both portions of the heel the same. The extra stitch at the corner can be decreased right away as Amy does here.

Thank you. Sadly, I’m still confused. If you look at the photo Julie provides in the pdf, it looks like she’s picking up the stitches with the left hand needle. I appreciate the link to Amy’s video tutorial (camera is a bit jerky so it gets kind of hard to watch at times) and will try to knit the project she’s showing but for now I’m determined to get this mini stocking right.

It may appear that the sts are being picked up with the left hand needle but the working yarn is coming from the tip of the right hand needle. That’s the yarn that you’ll need to pick up and knit the sts.
It’s possible to pick up the edge loops with the left hand needle then knit them off the left hand needle and onto the right with the working yarn but then you would start at the base of the heel and not the tip as in Fig 8.
The figure may simply be using the left needle to assist with the pick up (one stitch at a time) and knit.
See also figures 9 and 10.