Little complaint

hi all
i never buy vogue knitting magazine
mainly because i think the patterns are confusing
i am sure they hire 1 person to play with the brains of the knitter
i always find something to knit but the pattern is so confusing
not that i am the best knitter
but i can knit and foloow most patterns
not lace knitting
even a poncho or a shawl knit in garter
always confusing
the phrase AT THE SAME TIME makes me put the book down
i can knit sweaters seamless but i never have knitted vogue
anyone else

Some Vogue patterns have errors in them, but that’s the fault of the printer leaving things off or misreading the originals. Their site does publish corrections.

The phrase ‘at the same time’ is used in LOTS of patterns, not just VK. It’s generally used where you do shaping at the armhole edge of the piece and at the neck or front edge of it. There will be one set of instructions for one edge and a different set for the other. Best thing to do is write them out in columns for Beginning of Row and End of Row so you can follow them.

you are absoultey right
instead of throwing the book at the wall i should read ahead
i never realized that their were instructions on the side
i am going out now and if i pattern i like i will buy vogue
and pay more attention
thank you for your reply