Lionbrand virtual "Knitting e~cards

I sent a knitting e~card yesterday to my friend who gave me a 100 bucks gift certificate to Micheals for yarn :inlove: (Far too generous it makes me feel guilty for taking it :rollseyes: ) but thought a knitting e~card would be cool to send her (she’s from my knitting :XX: group) and I remembered seeing a thread from here about some. I thought i’d repost the address 'cuz they’re so cool :thumbsup: !

Thanks. That is cool! Wish they had some that were a little more “modern” though :slight_smile:

Oh, I love those! I’d love to be able to gaze upon those actual paintings in an art museum! :smiley:

How interesting that at least 6 of those paintings of women or girls knitting were done by Vincent Van Gogh.

Who cares! They’ve got one with a PUPPY!!!

I’m sorry–he looks like puppy shishkebab. Poor baby! :lol:

:roflhard: my first though what did that do to that puppy!!!

It would be cool if there was a free pattern attached…