Lion Brand Wool

Out shopping yesterday, I noticed that none of the three stores that sale LB no longer have the LB wool (100% worsted). They had the wool-ese, but not the wool. Does anyone know if they quit with it?

You might check their site, link above. Good luck finding what you want.

I think they discontinued the old wool, though they show it on their site, but have some new ones. There’s Organic Wool, Merino Superwash and Pure wool in the ‘LB collection’ line which might only be available online or in their NYC studio store. Of the regular line Baby wool is a superwash, there’s Alpine Wool, Fisherman’s Wool (natural undyed colors), and 1878 which is thin and on a cone for machine knitting but you could use it for lace.

And which stores are you talking about? If it’s Walmart, they may be phasing out their yarn department. This isn’t nationwide, it’s at the local store. In my town, the Walmart on the east side is phasing their section out because there’s not much demand. The Walmart yarn section at my west side store is going strong.

Hancock Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, & Jo Ann’s are the stores that did not have it in my area.
Suzeeq, I’m familiar with all the other yarns you mentioned.
I was wanting another skein of the the original to add to what I had.
I guess I’ll have to order from them.
Everytime I find a certain yarn I like to use, it is usually discontnued before I get back to buy more of it.

If you just want another skein, check on Ravelry; some members may have some available for sale or trade and the shipping would be much more reasonable.

I live right next to the Lion Brand store in NYC and I bought some about a month ago. You can try and call the store directly if you happen to live close by?