Lion Brand Sweater Pattern?

Hi, all, I’m new and of course need to ask a question. I’m knitting a sweater from a pattern I found on the Lion Brand website. The link to the pattern is

My question is at the beginning of the Neck Shaping. Here is what the pattern says:

“Keeping in pattern, knit 15 stitches. Join second strand of yarn and bind off next 14 stiches. Knit to end. Working both sides at once, work even in pattern until back measures 15 inches from beginning. Bind off.”

What on earth does it mean by “join second strand of yarn”? What yarn? Join where? How? I am just completely confused by that statement!

And secondly, what does “working both sides at once” mean?

And finally! What type of bind off do you recommend? I’ve only done the “pass stitch over” bind off, but it always seems to end up too tight. Is that just because I’m knitting tightly (which I’m learning to loosen up lately…) or it is the nature of that bind off?

Thank you so much for any help.

Cindy in WV

At this point in the sweater, you’ll be dividing the sweater piece so you can have the neck lower than the shoulders.

You’ll work across the first set and drop that yarn–don’t cut it. Using another ball of yarn, bind off the center stitches–the regular bind off is fine, just try to keep it loose.
Then you’ll work the rest of the stitches.

Now you’ll have two strands of yarn attached to the knitting, one for each shoulder. Work them in turn–that is, one after the other rather than finishing one and then working the second.

Thanks for the reply, Ingrid. Now I understand what I need to do. One last question…will I need an extra needle to do this or will both sections be worked on the same needle (just with a gap in between)?

Cindy in WV

Same needle with a gap. :thumbsup: