Lion Brand Reversible Cabled Afghan

I just received the Fall/Winter 2007 Lion Brand catalog and I’m thinking about buying this pattern. The link for the full kit is here.

I’m wondering if anyone has knit this up yet? Would you need circular needles or would straights work?

It looks like it’s knit up in long panels and just seamed together. I’d be more inclined to buy the pattern if my straights will work.


Hi, I found this on ravelry under "reversibly cabled afghan (111LC). It says that it’s worked back and forth, using the circular needles to accommodate the larger number of stitches. It’s a pretty afghan!

OMG that is BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for sharing.

I would use circulars cuz that is going to get heavy. :psst: [SIZE=1]But then I’ve never used straights.[/SIZE]

I didn’t even think to check Ravelry! I’m still not used to having that as a resource.

Thanks for the help! I’m adding it to my queue but I’m going to wait until I’ve had more experience working with circulars.

[B]1to1 !!!

That little doggy is adorable![/B]


Beautiful Afghan!!![/B]

For a pattern like this you don’t need to have experience in working with circulars. It’s knit the same as you would with straight needles except they’re joined together with a cord. You turn your piece when you get to the end of the row and knit with the empty needle (tip).

It doesn’t take too long to get used to circulars. You just need to keep in mind that, in this case, you’d be using them just like you would straight needles. They just happen to be connected in the middle by a cable, is all.
I prefer circulars so much more. The straights are so long, I have to tuck one of the needles under my arm, or I feel like there is too much needle!

I’ve used my Boye set of interchangables (Christmas present from way back) for a few smaller projects like hats but never for a bigger project like this. I’m not sure if I have a cable long enough so I’ll have to measure first. I might just have to upgrade my set to Knit Picks Options this year . . .

The link you posted at Lion Brand said it’s a Lily Chin pattern from Fiber Trends, so I went to Fiber Trends to see if they had more information about whether you can use straights or circulars. They [I][U]do[/U][/I] state circulars at this site. Thanks for sharing that afghan–it’s REALLY BEAUTIFUL!!! :inlove: I wonder how hard it would be? :think:

It’s listed as intermediate + and in their key that means "more complicated stitch patterns, with charts, project is slightly more involved.

The cables don’t look that crazy but if it’s all charts and not written out that could be a challenge (at least for me it is). Art Lady has a nice method of printing out the chart and then color coding the symbols with markers or colored pencils. I’m going to try that for my next cabled project that has a chart.

Yikes! I hadn’t even thought that this pattern might only contain charts! :thud:Color coding is a great idea for the charts–thanks for mentioning that! I’m very intimidated with charts. There’s things in knitting that I’ve been able to overcome fear-wise, but I’m not so sure charts will ever be something I’m able to adapt to. Just the good old written out directions for me! :thumbsup:

If you really don’t want to use circular needles, you could just make panels and then seam them together. That would make a much more portable project, just add selvage stitches to the edges.

Stitch markers should be your friend while making this project. I’d put markers between each cable section.

Lion Brand price doesn’t look bad either but with Fiber Trends you can pick our your own yarn.

If I do end up doing this I’ll probably buy the pattern from Lion Brand for $4.99 and then knitting it up in something that’s a deep red. Our living room had deep red walls with black leather furniture (black & white pictures on the walls) and I think a deep red would look nice knit up.

I’m all about yarn substitution so it fits in my budget!

This pattern has been on my list for awhile. It’s just gorgeous!

I actually just started this a couple of weeks ago. The pattern gives charts and written directions. So you can use which ever you prefer.

Also, I’m not an expert, but the way the pattern is written it looks like you could break it into panels and sew it together later. There is a written pattern for each section of cable.

The stitches aren’t super hard, but you really have to pay attention to what you are doing, it’s not a watch TV while knitting pattern…for me at least!!

This is exactly what I wanted to know! I have no problem working it all together (maybe I’ll have to buy those Options needles too) but if I had to work it only from a chart it would be a challenge. Thanks so much for your info!

You’re welcome!!