Lion Brand LB Collection HELP! Los Angeles

So, after receiving my lion brand mag this month, I noticed they have a the LB Collection, which includes, cashmere ( :yay: YIPPPPEEEE!:cheering: ), cotton bamboo, organic wool, superwash merino, and stainless steel wool.

I’d love to get some of the cashmere, but every place I’ve phoned in socal does not have this collection. Is it online only?

Has anyone in the socal area seen it?

I would buy online but would like to feel and see the texture and color beforehand. 100% cashmere at 15$ a ball? I must touch.

If anyone has any helpful info that would be super!!!

Thanks in advance. :muah:
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Hmmm, didn’t notice the cashmere(daughter loves it) and the only place I’ve found it is online. carries the LB 1878, will have to check on that cashmere!!!

OMG!!! Just checked it on the Lionbrand site…only 82 yards for $14…think I’ll look around!

I know!!! I really want to touch and see if it feels more like 50$ cashmere or 2$ cashmere! :wink:

Let’s keep eachother posted!

Sure! I did look on Yarnmarket and WEBS, uh…cashmere is sooooo soft but I really need to find a pattern that uses 1/4 skein. LOL!

I understand that the yarns in the LB Collection are only available through them online, and in the NYC LB Studio store.

Thank you so much!

Have you used them before? Is it a “good” cashmere?

I haven’t ever seen them before. The closest I’ve been to NYC is Detroit.

Well, if anyone out there has touched and can comment on the cashmere, organic wool and cotton bamboo that would be great!

I’ve seen the cotton bamboo at the Michaels in Encino before. Don’t know how close you are to the SFV, but if you are drop by that Michaels - its on Ventura Blvd at Lindley.

It feels great. Do not worry. It is extremely soft and cumphy!!! I tries it! You can also get it at Joann Fabrics for $5.00. Hope I helped!

Private mail me!

Great, thanks so much!!!

Lion Brand also sells a cashmere/wool blend that looks a little more affordable. I would like to try that but I’ll wait for a sale and then it will be even more affordable.

I’m actually very happy with the 15$ a ball cashmere , that is a great price, esp. for los angeles, i find that yarn here is exta expensive, my girlfriends back east are always telling me i am getting ripped off!