Lion Brand Kool Wool cheap

If you like Lion Brand Kool Wool, check this out.

Holy cow holy cow holy!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

I’m placing my order now–I went to a fabric store nearby this morning to try and find some of that and couldn’t find it…it’s meant to be!!!

awwww man…you have to do $30.00 worth…I just did that this morning…and yesterday too!!! Dh’ll kill me…

i just ordered 26 skeins of Kool Wool for 2 shrugs i want to make :rollseyes:

26? :shock: Wow!

Must resist…must resist…

They’re a buck and a quarter!

I know :smiley:

dang you, Ingrid!


Smileys ROCKS! Thanks Ingrid! I was just there a couple days ago and this is a new addition! I love Kool Wool. :slight_smile:

You do have to spend $30?

Yes, $30 minumum plus $9.95 S&H regardless of order size.