lion brand hoodie help

shape hoodie. I’m stuck. on shaping neck. and decreasing. help Lion Brand Knittd Baby Hoodie… I made a while ago and forgot. Salmonac helped me

Hi roostacat!
Are you working on the front neck shaping or the hood? Is it the front neck shaping or the hood itself that is the problem?

Yes the front I just got stuck. I bound off the stitches around neck . That’s it. I’m so scared of messing up. Yes I still have the two balls attached. Didnt want to go further. I tried to draw it on paper. I cant believe I made it before, WITH YOUR HELP…

OK, so the sts for the Left Front are on a holder and the sts for the Back are on another holder. You’re going to work the Right Front first using the working yarn (the yarn that was used to knit across the Left Front and then the Back). Follow the directions for knitting and making a buttonhole until the Shape Neck.

With the RS facing, bind off the given number of sts for your size, knit to the end of the row then knit 4 rows and on the next row, bind off the remaining sts.

For the Back you’ll knit to the given measurement for your size and then bind off all sts. No shaping called for.

The Left Front work till it’s the same measurement as the Right Front up to the neck bind off. With the WS facing bind off the given number of sts, knit to the end, knit 4 row and on the next row, bind off the remaining sts.

Just to be sure, would you check to make sure this is the same pattern?

It’s the Hoodie Poncho:

Let’s call the shoulders #1 and #2. With the knit side facing you #1 is the one before the gap on the right and #2 is the shoulder on the left, after the gap.

Turn to the purl side and work across #2 to the gap, drop the yarn strand, pick up the strand attached to #1 and purl to the end and turn (of course, keep the garter edges but to make it simpler, I’m going to call it knit side and purl side).

Now on the RS, knit to 3sts before the gap, k2tog, k1 and drop the yarn strand. Pick up the strand attached to shoulder #2 and k1, ssk then knit to end and turn.

Repeat these 2 rows (the purl row and the knit row with decreases) once more. Now work a purl row, a knit row and a purl row on each shoulder using its own yarn strand. That’s the 3 rows even.

Now with the knit side facing, knit across shoulder #1, cast on the correct number of sts for your size, and knit across shoulder #2. Use one ball of yarn for this and to continue knitting the back.

Here’s a video for casting on in the middle of your work in case you’d like to see it done:

project… love to y’all be SAFE AND PRAY

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