Lion Brand Homespun

I made a shawl for my friend using Lion Brand Homespun. It took three skeins and the places where I joined them are protruding from where they were woven into the shawl. I have used this yarn before but didn’t have this problem. Any ideas on what to do? All I know at this point is that I’ll never use Homespun again.

You didn’t knot the joins and then weave them in did you?

I never worked with homespun before, so I don’t know what it is like. I did hear that it’s one of the worst yarns to work with though :frowning:

I’m not sure how to fix it, but I admire your determination not to use Homeshun again. I can’t stand it either. I wish someone would make a yarn that pretty that isn’t so awful.

agreed. I hate homespun. One of my LYSs sells homespun mill ends REALLY cheap, and every time I go in there I’m, like, hypnotized b y the colors “oooooh they’re soooo beauuuutifullllllll” and i have to say NO BAD HILDIE!! I have a ton of it i have to get rid of, but they are the prettiest colors :mad:

Well, I joined the skeins and wove the ends in after I knitted a few more rows. So now I have some little tails that are hanging out and are fraying. Any ideas on how to fix the problem? I’m glad I’m not alone in disliking the yarn. It’s one of a couple of their yarns I plan on not using again.

yes we ignored your problem, sorry!!! :oops:

hmmmmmm. the only think I can think of is a dab of clear nail polish to stop the fray… but there has to be something else. Since it’s acrylic,you MIGHT be able to burn the knots and melt the acrylic, but i’d be nervous about putting a flame near my knitting, no matter how much I hate the yarn.

OK, this breaks some rules but it worked for me when I was hypnotised into using Homespun for a baby blanket(“Oh, but the color is so perfect!”) I tacked loose ends down with sewing thread. That seemed to stay and was also fairly unbotrusive thanks to the fuzziness of the yarn. HTH!

I did the same thing on a baby blanket, it worked great. It is the only blankie my nephew will use without complaining “scwatchy”(Translation this blanket is really scratchy Mom. Can I get the one Auntie Holly knit for me?)

I had posted earlier that I had used homespun alot. That’s true enough.
But after my latest project I will never use it again!

I had just gotten 2/3 way through my sweater front and had to add a skein. Despite my careful attention to dye lot at least one of my skeins is darker than the rest. There is a distinct line at the join that custs across my breast!. Trying another skein was not an option as I could not find more in my area.

Oh yes - and the ends. Here I thought any trouble I had had with the ends was due to my own ineptness! I ended up knotting my ends.

I think I’ll try sewing the ends in first. Thanks for the ideas!

Wow. I’d been looking at using some homespun to make myself a [my first] sweater, but with all the reviews on here, I’ll probably pass it up and use a different yarn.

It’s really a shame that Lion can’t come up with an equally beautiful, soft yarn rather than Homespun. I too have been mesmerized by the colors and when I walk into Joann’s or Michael’s am immediately drawn to it. My daughter gave me 2 skeins of covered bridge red as part of my xmas gift and I ended up knitting myself a triangular shawl. It’s a beast to knit with, too. Always ending up with extra fiber thread even tho’ I’d swear I picked up the entire stitch. The join of the two skeins is poking out, but since it’ just for around the house when I’m cold, no biggy.

I can’t imagine knitting with the stuff. I’ve crocheted with it, though, and it works fine for that.

My mom crocheted me a pretty purple scarf out of it and had no trouble but then when she tried knitting with it she ended up with a mess and went back to crocheting it… I made a prayer shawl out of it but was using big needles and didn’t have a problem and was like wonder why noone likes it :thinking: thennnnnnn I decided to make the half sweater out of what I had left over and used smaller needles and then was like ohhh now I see… I ripped it out and told mom she could have it to crochet with it kept splitting on me such pretty colors… I hope the sewing the ends down worked!! :thumbsup:

Hey, it’s working! Sewing in the ends seems to be the ticket. Now I’ll have to wear it around a few days to make sure it’s tight.

Boy am I glad I joined this group! I’ve been struggling with Homespun, just hating it, switching needles, and grinding my teeth and have decided to rip out the back that I finished and try a crochet pattern I found. The colours are soooo pretty, and the yarn is soooo awful. Glad to be not the only one. I was thinking it was just me! samm

It is so soft and beautiful but the only projects I can handle with success using Homespun are… a 4 1/2 hour crocheted afghan, and the 2 hour knitted scarf on the huge scarf needles. I’ve tried knitting DD a poncho, then tore it out and tried to crochet it and got annoyed, :frowning: I’m sad that it’s not working well for me.

This is all so funny to me…I’ve crocheted with Homespun before, it was actually the first major project I did. It was the Diagonal Crochet Afghan on the Lion Brand site, and I love that thing! So soft and beautiful, if you look, I did the recommended colors too, Gorgeous!!
But…then I started on the Hooded Sweater pattern on the LB site, and I didn’t think I was disliking Homespun until I read this post!!! I wound up with the mysterious stitches and I feel like I’m always ripping my way through each row. But I love Homespun!!! It’s weird. I want that finished product so much, so I guess I’ll continue to suffer, but I will keep my eyes out for the ever elusive Homespun look-a-like, but doesn’t act-a-like yarn!

I’m strange: I like LB Homespun. But I definitely agree it has its limitations and aggrevations. I wouldn’t use it for something fitted because of the major stretchiness of the finished fabric (especially on large needles), but I love the way it looks and feels in scarves, shawls and simple hats. I find that larger needles are a big plus (I do shawls on 13, scarves on 11 and hats on 8 - which is the smallest I would go). I also think that how you hold the yarn while knitting may be a big factor in how troublesome it is to knit with. I knit with the yarn in my right hand, but hold it loosely between my thumb and forefinger, not wrapped around my fingers. I think the yarn sliding through and around fingers is what (at least partially) causes the “bunching up” many people complain about with Homespun. Usually I don’t have too big of a problem with this, but if I hold the yarn too firmly I do.

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