Lion Brand cotton ease

Does Lion Brand Cotton Ease shrink when washed?


excellent question! i have used it and love it. but when i block, i don’t tumble dry. i will email the person who received a baby sweater and see how it is laundering. if i hear back in time, i will report to you here.

I have heard it launders very nicely, and with 50% acrylic I doubt it would shrink. I’m not speaking from personal experience though :shrug:

I recently finished a baby blanket (Heritage blanket) and with Cotton Ease and am going to give it a quick wash before I mail it out. I was under the impression that Cotton Ease didn’t need to be blocked ~ thought you could just wash and dry it in the dryer so that’s why I chose it. I’ll wait and see what others say.

I made a cardigan and summer top with it and they don’t shrink. Even when I leave them in the dryer instead of taking them out while still slightly damp. You won’t need to block; washing and drying evens out the sts.

Since it’s cotton and acrylic, blocking it isn’t necessary.

I find it hard to work with, but that’s just my hands.

Last night I washed the baby blanket in warm water, regular machine cycle and then threw it directly into the dryer until dry. (That’s what I intended the recipient to do). The blanket was 36" before washing and is 36" after washing.