Lion Brand Cashmere Blend...has anyone seen this?

I am very anxious to see how much this yarn runs and how it feels. I’m a new knitter so I hate to get anything too expensive yet but would love to try a cashmere scarf or throw. If you have seen it in a store or website for sale…where? Joann’s doesn’t have it on their website yet. Thanks! :XX:

hmmm…I haven’t seen it, but it sounds interesting! I’d love to hear about it if you find it.

here’s the link to the lion brand website info. Looks nice!

It does look nice. Wonder how many $$$

I’ve used it!
I sold some designs to Lion Brand (nine so far!) and several were done with the new Cashmere Blend. You will love it. It feels like you’re knitting with whipped cream.
I think it’s in their catalog for $9.99.

mmmm cashmere.

On their website,, go to the order online link at the top of the page, go down to yarns, and it’s in the list. You can order it right there.

Thanks! I didn’t notice that. :XX:

:cheering: I saw that on the site but didn’t realize it could be ordered yet!

Then again, I think I may wait and see if it shows up at JoAnn…wouldn’t that be a fabulous thing to use those 40% off coupons on!!! :smiley:

Oh man I just saw this today in my email and got sooo excited :slight_smile:

Great idea! $10 for a small ball is a little to much for me yet but 40% off would be great! :thumbsup: