Lion Brand .. Bunny Blanket Buddy pattern # 50722

Okay … the pattern is rate easy + … now i feel like a dork … hee hee :?? so here is my question and i have actually emailed lion brand too … but i am so anxious to finish it … i have completed the hole blanket except for head i don’t know how they want me to stuff it ?? help please … since this is all one piece …

Cut a 10in [25.5 cm] length of yarn. With large-eyed blunt needle, thread yarn through every other st on needle, then back through remaining sts. Remove knitting needle and stuff Head. Pull yarn tightly to close top of Head and secure. Following diagram, embroider face using black yarn and straight sts.
Weave in ends. Tie a knot in each Paw.

This tells you when to stuff the head.

I’ve done 2 of these and they turned out great! When you stitch the head, you slip one, p1 correct? By doing that, it “magically” creates a tube. When you get to the very top, run your yarn through all the stitches and take out the needles. Then you have room to fit the stuffing in. Pull the yarn and voila!!!