Lion Brand Baby Sweater

I have started ANOTHER lol hee hee baby sweater…this one ALOT easier! I am going to have to take the other one to my friends when i get time and see if they can teach me how to add the sleeve on correctly. THIS baby sweater from LION BRANDS free…FREEEEEE patterns is all one piece. I really like how it is turning it out !!! I wanted to post a picture for you to see what it looks like so if you want to make it you know what to look for on the LION BRAND site.
Vanessa :happydance:

why did they put the drk baby in that lime green!!! oh the horror!!! :evil: :oo:

Cuuuuute! We always love progress pics. :wink:

This is where i have stopped for now till i feel better and i hope that is soon!!! I have sinus infection and bronchitis :crying: I WANT TO KNIT but i am so tired my poor house needs cleaned i have no energy lol oh well!..ANYWAYS…here is the picture ENJOY.
Ness :zzz:

Carmel, I agree about the baby in green! :rollseyes:

Mrs.Brooks, what yarn are you using?

I agree, too! The blue would have been so much better. I worked with a teacher who was very dark. She wore lovely, bright colors, but with her skin tone, green was awful!

I love the yarn that you’re using though, Mrs.Brooks!

Looking good!!