Lion Brand #957 One Stitch Adult Cardigan

I am wondering if I am misunderstanding the instructions to this patter for the back panel. I am at the first Note in the shape sleeve section where I inc 1 then inc 2 sts until it measures 19 inches. I am at 15 inches from beginning and I am worried that I am doing something wrong. Could you tell me if I am doing something wrong or is this the way it is supposed to look?Thank you for your time. April
Crochet%20Back%20panal_1 Crochet%20Back%20panal_2

I can’t see the whole back in your photos. Are you increasing at the beginning and at the end of every other row 20x? Then begin increasing every row (beginning and end of row) for the given number of rows for your size. There are always 2 increases per increase row.