Links about starting an alpaca farm?

I’m in the very early stages of considering this…dh and I are buying land, hopefully by spring, and will be building our own home on it (with our own hands) this spring/summer/fall (and then winter/spring/summer, LOL, I know how it goes).

When choosing the land I’m hoping to know a bit about alpacas and what it takes to keep them. :slight_smile: There is a farm down the road that raises them so I will definitely go visit them after the holidays, but I’m looking for some winter reading/surfing info and thought you ladies might have some places online to go read about alpaca farming.

I’m in love with alpaca fiber and just might do this…might do sheep too or instead, but wanted to do something a little further off the beaten path.

I live in northeastern Vermont, the Northeast Kingdom, and am surrounded by perfect sheep/alpaca/goat land. :slight_smile: There are more and more farms doing this around here…soooo many spinners and knitters, it’s insane. What am I getting myself into? :inlove: :shock: :XX:

I wanna do this but dh told me no… :rofling:

A friend of mine has alpacas–she got them a year ago and lives on a long-established farm. I’ll get some resources from her. I know there are magazines and associations and a wealth of resources out there. I’ll let you know what I find out.

Thanks Ingrid! That would be awesome. We have never farmed so we know we are entering a steep learning curve, but don’t plan to do much besides low-maintenance animals and I have heard alpacas are easier than you might think. We are also looking for like 3-5 years down the line after we get settled and our house built and have had a chance to apprentice with some local farmers.

Dh is a teacher and I’m a writer and we thought this might be nice to supplement our income and give us a truly “family” business. Our little boy has both autism and cystic fibrosis and I’m hoping to set something up for him long-term so that he can do his life’s work right here at home with us. :slight_smile: IF he wants to of course. :wink: But he loves animals so much I have a feeling he just might.

I have a friend who wants alpaca in the worst way. Everytime anyone even mentions the world alpaca (as in, “What kind of yarn is that it is so soft?” “It’s alpaca.”) she will yell, “NO ALPACA. We don’t talk about alpaca!” I have to agree that we have a bit too hot of weather for alpaca down here, but it is so funny that she is this confirmed in having no alpaca. I mean they have cats, snakes, mice, why not a nice little alpaca? :roflhard:

What a fantastic plan! You might also see if there are any “wool festivals” in your area. We went to one this summer and there were tons of Alpaca farms repesented there. They seemed willing and excited to talk to anyone about their experience.

i told DH i wanted some alpacas and now he is looking for land!!! :shock: i do but i don’t. i mean not right now anyway cause i have small children and really don’t want to have to take care of some animals too PLUS he would be no help! :rollseyes: i already take care of him, 4 kids, dog, 2 snakes(that are his), 7 turtles, 20 rats(to feed to his snakes) and one fish…

I love Google! Found a few links for you.

From Amazon.
This book was written by someone in Northeast Vermont.

Wow. That one link that tells you how to start a farm has a 503 area code. That’s my area code!!! i want to go visit the farm! If I go I’ll let you know purlgirl