Lining for a Purse

Hi Everyone,

I’ve made a couple of the Knit Picks Chunky Cabled Purse and haven’t been able to find the right size canvas bag it calls for to put in it for the lining. I bought some colorful bandanas from Hobby Lobby to make the lining for them but I’m not sure how to go about it. I’m not a sewer so I really don’t know where to begin. Is there anyone that can give me a website or instructions on how to go about making a lining??

Cute pattern.

I think it would depend on how wide the purse is at the bottom. Does it have a flat bottom (like the bottom of a box) or is folded (like the bottom of an envelope)? Neither is difficult, though the envelope shape is easier.


It’s got a box bottom.

It’s a very easy project to knit, it takes no time and knits up really fast. I made one in the Cranberry color for my DD and it’s gorgeous. I also made a pink one for my other DD and it’s also pretty, but the red is just so pretty. I bought the grape color for me but when I saw the Cranberry I ordered some for me so I could have one also.

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like it has gussets. Did you sew two pieces used as the front and back and then you needed to sew a knitted strip around the sides and bottom? Or is it one solid rectangle with stitching along the side edges?

I found these two when looking to make a lining for a bag of mine.


Although both are for felted bags, I should think they would work for your bag as well.

It’s knitted in one piece with stitching along the side edges.

I checked out both links posted. They are both for an “envelope type” bag. They will work, however, if you include the dimension of the bottom in the height measurement. I would probably do that if the bottom isn’t very wide.

You can make a lining for a “box type” bag. I made a, which has a very definite “box” shape. I sew, so I figured this out and decided to put a pocket on the inside as well. I took a piece of fabric and cut it as a rectangle to match the sides of the purse (top to bottom, wrapping around all four sides). Add seam allowances. Also, I cut a rectangle the size of the bottom and added a seam allowance there. I sewed the bottom to the sides, and then did the seam up the sides last. Don’t worry if it’s not great, it’s on the inside of the purse.

Hope that helps.

here’s another set of instructions too:

(I haven’t used them yet, but the bag pattern that referred to them was really good, so hopefully they are too.)

Thanks so much for all the links to linings. I’m sure I’ll be able to use one and make it work.

I love the Booga Bag, I made one a few months back and it came out perfect. We were living in Nigeria (husbands work) and the Nigerian housekeeper for our guest house (before we moved to our house) just loved it and I gave it to her. It was the first purse I ever knitted and it felt really great to give it to someone who really appreciated the effort of me making it. I’ve since bought the yarn to make me one again in the same exact color of the one in the pattern just like I did before.