Lining a baby blanket

I recently posted on the Sheep Dreams blanket that I’m knitting.

It’s coming along maybe too slowly. Anyway, I didn’t realize this until I started (this will show what a newbie I am) but the back doesn’t look as nice as the front. So I’m thinking about lining it. Does anyone have any opinion on lining a knit blanket? Like a material and a suggested technique. I found a way to hand stitch it together at the border, but then it’s sort of gaping apart at the middle, isn’t it? What about washing a lined blanket? The back isn’t that ugly, it’s just clearly the “wrong” side. Should I just leave it?


What fiber is your yarn and how is it washed and dried?

The problem with lining knitting is that knitting stretches whereas fabric doesn’t. I think I have some info bookmarked. I’ll see if I can find it.

I’ve lined knit blankets for the very same reason you give. The back doesn’t look very finished. You can slip stitch the lining along the edges or just inside the borders. I’ve tacked the lining to the knit fabric periodically, at the corners of the squares for example and that works. Be sure to wash the lining the same way that the knit blanket will be washed before you stitch it down.
You can use a soft cotton or a light flannel if you want a really warm blanket. There are lots of fun patterns in fabric to choose from.

I’m using LionBrand 80% acrylic 20% wool.
Medium 4
machine washable and dryable.
What’s a good backing for that? What type of thread to sew the backing to the blanket. Quilting thread? I guess I’ll see what the finished blanket looks like, then decide whether or not it really needs a backing…