Linen stitch using variegated yarn


I’m making a sweater in the round using variegated yarn. In another post I mentioned that I’d done a seed stitch border and then stockinette stitch which was folding over. I’ve decided to start again and am knitting a moss stitch border and my plan is then to do a couple of rows of garter stitch to break up the two patterns and then knit the rest of the sweater in linen stitch. What I wanted to ask was when it comes to increasing and decreasing stitches will I be able to continue the linen stitch? I’m thinking that it’s just a case of slipping the knitted stitches and knitting the slipped stitches and it won’t affect the number of stitches I have on my circular needle. Is this correct?


Such a pretty stitch pattern.

You should be able to continue the stitch. There’ll be a slight change because of the additional stitch or the decrease in sts but if you keep the inc/dec one stitch in from the edge you should be ok. It’ll change the stitch number as required.