Linen Stitch in the round

Working a pattern that has the Linen Stitch pattern worked over an odd number of stitches.

Row 1-2: k1, sl1wyf
Row 3-4: sl1wyf, k1

It seems that it should be an even number of stitches, otherwise row 1 ends on a k1 and row2 starts on a knit.

So, I am confused as to why it should be on odd number. I’ve googled Linen Stitch in the round and come up with nothing. MY 365 knitting stitches calendar doesn’t have the linen stitch either. I’ve frogged this hat about 4 times now – HELP!


I’m not sure if you copied the pattern correctly. I googled “Linen Stitch” and the info I came up with is a bit different from what you gave.

Here are the links:

On the second link, the instructions are about half way down.

I’m not an expert, but I think a basic stitch like this should be the same in the round as knitted flat.

Hope those links help.

I think when doing it in the round, you have to shift the slip st over one stitch on the 2nd round. Here’s another pattern for it flat, with picture -

I think to knit it in the round, you need to do it over an odd number of stitches and only use row 1.

I did post it correctly. The designer is using a slight variation. This is the whole pattern, scroll down to the Palisel Hat. I am still confused as to what to do with the last stitch on each row.

Sue, what do you mean by shifting the slip st over one row 2?


If you use an odd number of sts as this pattern does, then you would end round 1 with a knit 1, and start the next round with the slip st as in Rnd 3. Basically instead of doing Rnd 1, 2, 3, 4 in order, it would be alternating Rnds 1, and 3.

Thanks Sue. So just to make sure I have this right… instead of knitting rows 1,2,3,4 I should knit rows 1,3,2,4?

Should the pattern have been written differently, or am I just dense?


I don’t know about either… :wink: Try it 1, 3, 2, 4 (rnds 1 and 2 are the same as are 3 and 4, so you’d just be repeating 1 and 3) and see if it works out better.

I emailed the designer last week, because I was confused about the stitch count and the odd number of stitches. This is her reply. I reread it again today and think she is saying to do what Sue suggests (1,3,2,4).

Edit: read it again and am still confused. Back to experimenting.

“Candice, ypo are correct, thanks for pointing the mistake out to me.Yes you are increasing every other stitch
If you have cast on 68(72) sts you should have 103(109) sts after the decrease round and yeah you need odd number of stitches as this is a stitch pattern in a round, and this is a modified linen stitch pattern. Why is that? as the stitch pattern will be joined with a new round that switches and sometimes after a marker you would have to slip 1 to start the new repeat. LIke you would knit 2 last sts before the sts marker:
k1, slip1wyf, slip marker (and next round u have to start by slipping 1 and then knitting one, so you) slip 1, knit 1.
Just try it it works. Sorry for the confusion and i appreciate your feedback!
Best, Olga”

Yes, use alternate rounds here. That’s also what I meant by shifting the slip st over a stitch to start the round.

I know I’m kind of late to the game on this one but I have also been knitting up this hat for a friend and the pattern confused me at first too but the way the designer wrote the pattern (1,2,3,4) is actually the way she intended. it creates the interesting texture you can see in the photos she has posted on flickr and the hat it was modeled after.

But if you just like the normal linen stitch I’m sure (1,3,2,4) works too.

I’m working on a coffee mug carrier for my darling, and I wanted to do the sides in linen stitch in-the-round. That’s how I found this thread.

I don’t know if the pattern you’re working on [I]needs [/I]you to count the number of rows, but [B]if not [/B]… I’ve figured out that all you need to do it repeat the k1, sl1wyf round-and-round ad infinitum to make the spiral. What could be easier?!

Thanks for posting this. I couldn’t [I]quite [/I]figure it out on my own.:yay: