Linen Blend Yarn

Someone in an earlier thread recommended using linen blend yarn for making face cloths. I was wondering what brands are available and which brands people think are better to work with. Also, if it’s a blend, what else is it mixed with? I looked in a local craft store yesterday (albeit not very hard) and couldn’t find any. I might have to go to a bigger craft store later and want to be better prepared on what to look for.

I just finished a camisole using KnitPicks Cotlin yarn. It’s DK weight and is 70% cotton and 30% linen. I like the softness of it and it handles very well. I will more than likely use the leftovers to make dish cloths.

Cotlin is probably your best bet: nice yarn, well-priced.
I used Rowan Linen Drape, which has some viscose in it. It was being discontinued but I found a bale of it cheap on eBay, in gorgeous colors, so I grabbed it.

I think the nicest pure linen yarn is Euroflax. It’s pretty stiff but softens with washingg; some people wash it before knitting.I think the Mason-Dixon book has some patterns for lacy washcloths that use it. The downside: it is very pricey.

I haven’t tried this blend, but it’s tempting.

I’m using the Cotlin yarn right now to make a face cloth. I really like it. It’s easy to work with and is soft. It is also inexpensive. I plan on ordering more to make more cloths to give with a bar of natural soap for Christmas presents.