Limey, how are you doing?

Hi Limey,

I was wondering how it is in your town. I’ve been watching the awful flooding in the UK on TV and thought about you.


Oh yes, I saw some headlines about that too. I hope you and your loved ones are all okay.

If her location is right then she should be ok. I haven’t heard of any flooding here in the North West.

She sent me Pms while I was in hospital, at that point the floods hadn’t hit her but I’ve been watching the news today and have been worried about her.

Hiya Folks

Oh, wow, [COLOR=Magenta]thank you all so much for your concern and kind thoughts.[/COLOR]

Luckily, (knock wood) we’ve been ok up here in the north west of England - no major flooding.

It’s extremely nice to know that people really look out for each other here - I was thinking earlier on today about you, Anna, jammy devil, sunning it in Greece - it’s great to know that someone, somewhere, though is getting a few rays.

Thanks very much too, Jane - WHERE have you been hiding? I hope you’re well and it’s lovely to know you’re back.

NoBones - what are you doin’ up, hauntin’ a keyboard! - you should be sitting or lying with your feet up, clicking and clacking. Just think, if you could find out where the Old Bat lurks, you could send her a tape recording of your knitting sounds :twisted: stop it - getting carried away there for the minute - must admit I was a bit incandescent when I heard her complaining about your knitting.

I’m really so pleased that you’re back home now and that you’re home is safe.

We’ve both been very lucky, here, Jen - considering what’s happened these past couple of weeks. Just seen it on the news now that 350,000 people are having to live with bottled water for the next two weeks, not to mention the destruction and devastation caused to their homes.

I just hope it’ll stop raining soon - enough’s enough - wish that damn jet stream would take a hike where it can’t do as much damage.

I’ll PM you all in the next day or so (and I do usually carry out my threats) but I really just wanted to say ‘Hello’ and to [COLOR=Magenta]thank you[/COLOR] all again for your thoughts - [COLOR=Magenta]they’re[/COLOR] [COLOR=Magenta]very much appreciated.[/COLOR]

All the Best :hug::hug::hug::hug::sun::sun::sun::sun:

TGFT, I had visions of you in a school hall somewhere.

Keep safe, keep dry.

[quote=Nobones;915472]TGFT, I had visions of you in a school hall somewhere.


Oh,GOD FORBID - people have problems enough without me descending on them.

I’m sorry, Ellie, but I’m sitting here, killing myself laughing. I wouldn’t last too long in a school hall, they’d chuck me out for being a bad influence on the kids.

But many thanks for asking - sorry you’ve been worried - you’ve enough on your plate as it is, without mithering about me.

All the Best

Glad to hear that you didn’t get washed away! I saw a map on the BBC today and this showed where it’s concentrated. The news just tends to show the worst, so I didn’t know if it was problematic in other parts of the country, too.

“Sunning it”–ha!! We are absolutely roasting here. I suppose that’s a poor choice of words with all the forest fires (none around here). It’s at least 100 F (~40 C) and very, very humid. If I was still in Tennessee I’d think we might have a tornado this evening. And after lunch today I was going upstairs to turn on the air conditioner in the bedroom and read awhile, but BLAM! Blackout in the village! :!!!:

Hope I lost some weight from all the sweating. I certainly got no knitting done again this week!

Limey, if Southport floods you can just pump the water to the beach - there’s never any sea there anyway! :wink:

I hope if anyone here is hit by it all that they are safe and get their life back in order soon.

AnnaT, I saw the news about the heat, I don’t know how you can survive it :shock: I hope it gets better for you soon :hug:

I didn’t think Brits had beaches…well…sandy ones…don’t you have ‘shingles’ more than sand? :slight_smile:

I would HATE being in one of those halls but I’d prefer that than trying to get up on a roof or something. Where I used to live flooded and one man told me people forget that of course all the sewers flood. When the water goes down he said the place is revolting because of what came back up the sewerage system. I feel so sorry for all the people who have lost their homes and the fact almost all insurers won’t cover flood damage :frowning:

Limey can make herself a felted raft…

By the Crin

There are some cheeky beggars lurking round here!:evil::evil:

Pump the flood water onto the beach … felt myself a raft! …

Susan, most of the beaches are shingle, it’s just that I live in a rather peculiar place (wouldn’t you just know it?) where the tide hardly ever comes in. You can walk for miles on the sand and never see a ripple! :??

I saw on the lunchtime news that it was 113 deg. in Greece - I Pmd you earlier on, Anna, - just don’t know how you’re coping with that heat.

I really do hope this mad weather system shifts soon - both Gloucester and Oxford under water and tonight, the Thames is going to reach its peak around that area.

It’s horrible, feeling so damn helpless - all we can really do here at the moment is send donations to the British Red Cross. I feel very frustrated not being able to do something practical.