Lighted Knitting Needles!

OMG, I just saw where a company has designed knitting needles with lighted tips! You can knit in the movie theater, in your car, in bed at night.

I am borderline from ordering those :biting:
I am glad I am not the only one up at this odd hour browsing :roflhard:

I just saw them in a LYS this weekend. We are a sick group of people! :cheering:

You know, the thought crossed my mind a few weeks ago when I was knitting in the car at night that there should be needles with lights on them! My dh thought it was hilarious and I nixed the thought because I pictured a laser like effect… you’re knitting and these spots of light bouncing off in the dark! Thought it might get annoying! LOL!!!

Dude those are too cool! :slight_smile: I could knit and not bother my kids as they fall asleep!

If I were a little girl, I would want to steal them to use them as magic wands! :teehee:

I was thinking the same thing :slight_smile: !

Indeed we are. :verysad: But look at the bright side, at least there are a whole bunch of us. :roflhard:

Men have their gadgets, why can’t we have ours? :woohoo:

Magic wands… now, that’s a thought!!!

Wouldn’t Ingrid’s Addi’s throw sparks since she knits so fast? That would be lighted needles!! :teehee:

Just Kidding!!!


But I only use circs. :waah:

My LYS is going to do a knitting in the dark night on Halloween. :slight_smile: We (my knit group) are going to use those needles. Should be a blast!

How cool! :cheering:


oh man i MUST have a pair of those!!! :teehee:
if nothing else, just as a VERY cool conversation piece…

has anyone ordered them and actually tried them out?!?

debby xxx [/b]

:yay: COOL!!! Now they’ve got to do something like that with circs.

Nadja xxx

Gosh, I don’t see how they could make circs with a battery like that. It would have to be a TINY battery. I would think they would be limited on what size needles they can make.