Lift 1?

Hi! This is my first time on this board and I’m REALLY new at knitting. I’m hoping someone can help me out.

The pattern I am working on says I need to "K2, Lift 1 thus - pick up the loop which lies between the st just worked and the next one, place it on the left hand pin and K into the back of it, K until 2 st remain, lift 1, K2. I am assuming that I need to increase by 2 stitches in this row but I’m not sure.

Any help would really be appreciated, thanks.


Correct… when you lift one, it will be an increase. Click on this for more.

The videos show it better than I can tell it. :thumbsup:

To me that just sounds like a confusing way of saying “do a m1 increase”. The designer probably did it that way to make it clearer what knid of increase they wanted, and managed to make it more complicated!

Thank you both!