Lifetime Movies

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Is anyone planning on watching [I]Girl, Positive,[/I] premiering on Lifetime Monday? It’s about a high school girl who finds out that she might have HIV and has to confront and deal with all the consequences. Looks promising![/SIZE][/FONT]

I try not to watch Lifetime movies… I use too many kleenex!!!

I just looked at what it was about, the Lifetime site says:

“Seventeen-year-old Rachel is as stunned as anyone when word spreads through her upper-middle-class community that Jason, a popular athlete who recently died, was an IV drug user. But it’s the next bomb that really hits home: Jason, a former intimate partner, may have been HIV positive. Wanting to learn more about HIV, Rachel is urged to visit the local AIDS clinic by a substitute teacher, Sarah, but is too scared to face up to the possibility that she may be infected. So Rachel confides her fears to Sarah, who reveals that she has been secretly living with HIV for more than seven years. Unfortunately, secrets have a way of getting out — and both women soon learn that gossip, like disease, can spread swiftly.”

Looks pretty interesting. Jennie Garth and the girl from Desperate Housewives is in it. I think I may watch. I have to say that I love the Lifetime movies, I actually might be addicted. My fave is about a girl who thinks gets a modeling job but she doesn’t realize that she’s actually doing very resque shots on the internet, and then she gets a stalker. I know, I’m lame.:teehee:

I plan on watching it. I’m a sucker for Lifetime movies. I just moved and our new tv package has the Lifetime Movie Network. I’m such a junkie! :heart:

I might watch it too, or at least Tivo it for later!

I :heart: Lifetime movies!!! I’ll be watching it! I love Jennie Garth too, I guess that comes from my 90210 addiction.

I watch Lifetime often but I am tired of most of their movies having to do with women getting raped, or killed. I wish they would have some more positive and uplifting stories without women being victims. I can see that on tv in the news daily as it is.

Wsa it LifeTime that had the Homeless to Harvard story? That was a wonderful movie.

I may have to check this one out…

I saw a commericial for the movie last night, it made me want to see it even more!

I agree. I’ve been watching Lifetime since I was in highschool, but have been pretty disappointed with their movies and series lately.

I love Lifetime movies and will definitely be watching this one! It’s so sad, but before I went to college, I would watch the Lifetime movie that was on almost every single evening if I didn’t have to work. Since school I’m often busy or working when the movies are on, but I’m always making time when a new one comes out! :smiley:

Anyone watch it last night?

I did, and i think it will make a REALLY good jumping off start for a talk with my oldest. :thinking:

I JUST finished watching it (I DVR’d it last night). I thought it was really well done and I’m going to watch it again, next time with both my kids… they’re 15 & 13.

At the risk of catching a few tomatoes …

Lifetimes movies = for ekgheiy …

The last one I saw was Our Mother’s Murder and … well - nevAr again. Besides, I’m partial to Spike TV …

I thought it was really good. They definitely showed that anyone is able to get HIV if they are not careful with their choices whether it be with drugs or sex.

I agree - I really enjoyed it, it was very well done. More teenagers and young adults should realize how close it really is to happening. It’s all around. . . if nothing else it could prompt good conversation between parents/kids.