Life before knitting

do you guys remember what you used to do with your free time before knitting? I just can’t seem to remember! LOL!! I have a big order coming from knitpicks (if you consider over USD$130 a big order) and I have nothing on the needles and just don’t know what to do with myself! I have a few balls of austermann mayfair left but I only have straight needles sizes 6 and 8 so they are just sitting there. Now I don’t know what to do to keep busy while waiting for my yarn and needles to come!


I used to read voraciously. Now I divide my time between knitting & reading.

Like cozy I was an avid reader. I still am, actually. If I’m doing a simple pattern I will prop a book open on my lap & read while I knit. Other than that, prior to knitting I was addicted to counted cross stitch. I started that when I was 16. I hope I am as “in” to knitting in 17 years as I was/am cross stitch. :heart:

Yes, yes I do.

No place to buy a skein to hold you over under your order arrives? Maybe you can frog something and re-knit it! Or, just hang out here. :slight_smile:

I used to watch the stocks, still do but at least with knitting I’m not so wound up. :rofl:

I was addicted to CNBC for a while!

Ditto for me-- I started Counted Cross stitch (CSS) and the end of high school and enjoy it, but now that I have learned to knit, I haven’t touched one of my CCS projects since May. I still enjoy it, it’s just nice to have a break. And I budget reading time too.


I’m an avid scrapbooker and have spent many years taking heaps of photos (I love photography) then making scrapbook pages out of them.

I started knitting years ago, but gave up on it… then one weekend while on holiday I got bored and decided to give it another go (to have something to keep my hands busy). I finished my first real scarf in one weekend and after that I was hooked…

I haven’t scrapped a single page in over a month! :open_mouth:

I also did a lot of scrapbooking before I started to knit. I’ve alway been creative, made cards (especially chrismas cards) and did lots of other things. But now it’s mostly knitting, although in my vacation, I did a lot of scrapbooking again and also started on my chrismas cards. But I still prefer to knit.

Well, I read alot more… my poor pile of books is crying for attention…

Yes, yes I do.

No place to buy a skein to hold you over under your order arrives? Maybe you can frog something and re-knit it! Or, just hang out here. :)[/quote]

Nope, only selection is red heart 100% 4 ply yarn - the hard stuff! LOL! I love hanging out here… right now its so bittersweet tho! All the yummy yarns and awesome projects makes me want to knit and I can’t right now! I’m hoping to get my stuff this week tho - crossing my crossables!


i use to read and play online games (counter strike source)

and spend time watching tv with the kids or drawing with the kids or sharing house work chores with the kids lol (4 and 2 yr olds) altho i do still watch the tv with them and do the house work with them (they dust everything iv already dusted/cleaned)

iv just got them nagging me now to knit them a kite, a plane and a spider.

and i owe a big thank you to my mummy as she brought me my needles and wool to get me started, and when she gets chance to get into her loft she is going to send me all of her old knitting things as well… she has a big bin liner full of wool as well which should help… all iv got at the moment is 5 balls of white double knit baby soft stuff and one of yellow double knit baby soft stuff. (sorry i dont know proper names or weights etc i only been knitting 4 days lol)

im working on my first “thing” i have done a few praccy things and the kids have run off with them and unwound them all lol

keeps them busy i guess

right umm ill go now because im waffling lol



I’m sorry that you have taken offense to the fact that I do not like Red Heart Super saver yarn. Besides the fact that its very hard on my hands, its very unsuitable for the tropics where I live, therefore I cannot use it for making garments. If you like it and can use it in the climate you live in, then good for you :thumbsup:

I used to play a lot of online games (EQ, DAoC, Guild Wars, etc.). Oh, if only I had known how to knit when I played EverQuest! That might have given me something more fun to do during downtime than watching the barbarian warrior stand up and sit down, stand up and sit down or the halflings jump-jump-jumping in endless circles. Then again, probably nobody would want their cleric going, “Don’t pull! Let me finish this row first!”

I also did a lot of crochet and jewelry making. Now, my freetime is split pretty equally between those and knitting.

THERE WAS LIFE BEFORE KNITTING??? :thud: Just kidding. I used to scrapbook, build dollhouses and furniture, cross-stitch and needlepoint. I still manage to squeeze in reading and sewing in between knitting time.

i used to watch a ton of tv and now… well… i can knit and listen 2 music and i’m not really a reader and wel… that’s about it
sit throught NASCAR races that r 5-6 hours long and knit like 2 wash cloths and hand mittxd and other little things like that

Once I grew roses, herbs and veggies and read. Now I babysit for my grands and knit. Love those books on tape and CD.