Licking County, Ohio anyone?

I have a feeling I’m all alone out here…

:cheering: hey! i’m in Muskingum county…Zanesville, to be exact. i was really hoping there’d be someone close to me that loves to knit…

Hi there. I’m in Newark. My neighbor is from Zanesville. I’m trying to convince her to knit, but she’s a little scared of it.

We have a nice knit shop nearby in Granville, but nothing here in Newark. Does Zanesville have shops with good supplies?

as far as specialty shops, no…it’s Walmart and JoAnn’s if I want anything. Which kinda sucks because JoAnn’s doesn’t really have all that much --although last night I was able to find a nice Susan Bates stitch gauge/needle identifier there. they might be getting better with their selection of supplies, because it looked like they were doing a makeover of the needlearts section…keep my fingers crossed!!
I had toyed with the idea of starting my own Stitch and Bitch group here in Zville, it’s just hard finding others that would want to join and then getting with them about times/places…etc. It’s still a possibility…so glad you came back in to respond to me, I was thinking when I saw the date of your last post that you’d given up finding someone from this part of Ohio…lol

Do you guys ever make it to Coshcoton? There is a small yarn shop there… its called the Vac Shak…There is suppose to be a good one in Mount Vernon but I have never made it there… will have to mention it to dh this spring/summer and have him take me there… [size=1]not a fan of driving here :oops: [/size]

I’m rarely in Coshocton, but if I thought there’d be a good source of knitting stuff, I’d be willing to give it a try…:slight_smile:

I’m not from Ohio, but I did go to undergrad in Cleveland. While I was there I used to babysit for a family, and the mom was originally from Zanesville! :slight_smile: Also, I just HAD to post because I LOVE your avatar, miles!! :cheering:

ty! sunflowers are an obsession of mine…i grew some chocolate covered ones a couple of years ago and if i ever get good enough at knitting pictures into a pattern, i’m gonna do a bed cover of sunflowers…

It is a small shop they carry mostly Plymouth Yarns… have your needles and notions… addis needles too… they also carry fabric… they do have classes… I keep asking for a sit and knit night but so far no go :teehee: they just had a super bowl sale last Sunday…

Sunflowers are quite the obsession of mine as well…I’ve loved them as long as I can remember. My mother-in-law loves it…she says it makes me easy to buy for (anything sunflower related!!) :teehee:

Before we were married, at my husband’s first apartment in the city, there was a small backyard, so we were growing some sunflowers. They were about 3 feet tall, but hadn’t bloomed yet, when the MORON LANDSCAPERS picked them out because they thought they were weeds. I was devastated. :verysad:

They’re definitely nice to look at in this subzero weather. :slight_smile:

Hey Licking County…how’d you do in this storm? we got a bunch of snow,then about 1/2" of ice on top of it…it was great to be inside knitting, instead of outside in it…lol

i’m is warren oh … is that close?

Hi Tulips…I think it would be easier to tell how close we are to each other if we share region. I’m in East Central Ohio, almost considered SE. Where is Warren?

Here I thought I was the only one in Licking County that knitted. :happydance:
I live about 8 miles southeast of Newark.

well that puts you a little closer to Zanesville too…where are you? I’d dearly love to find a knitter close enough to get to know and eventually knit with…

I live a few miles west of Flint Ridge Park. Not familar with Zanesville to much though.

I’m a little over 2hrs from you in Coshocton… from google it looks like you set close to the PA border… and looks like you are about an hour from Lake Erie?

Glenford, OH is over an hour from me… but looks close to Zanesville only about 30mins…

It’s snowing here again… we have a mess here in Coshocton… dh was able to make it to work on Thurs… the kids were out from Tuesday on… we still have Ice on top of the 4" we got and now getting this on top of it… It is pretty though… I was hoping to have dh drive me into Newark today so I can get to a Target… don’t think that will happen :pout:

I live only like 10-15 mins from Flint Ridge…it’s hard to believe you live that close to Zville and arent familiar with it…you must do your shopping in Newark or Columbus…it’s still close enough to meet and do some knitting if you’re so inclined… :slight_smile:

Would like to get together sometime, after all this ice and snow melts.
Our back roads are still a mess.

In the meantime, I’m on msn messenger as, if you would like to get together that way.


all i use is Yahoo messenger…my id is usmcmama826