lice stitch carrying question

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I have a question about carrying yarn in stranded knitting. The pattern calls for a lice stitch section for a major part of the sweater body. The lice pattern consists of 4 rows in total: rows 1 and 3 are all one color (dark) and rows 2 and four have two colors; 1 light and 3 dark. My question is: for rows 1 and 4 which are all one color, can I simply leave the other light color yarn hanging and only twist at the beginning of the round or do I have to catch floats even though there is no light color in those rounds? I hope this question makes sense - holler if it doesn’t.
I would like to avoid having to catch those floats if I can…

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You can carry the yarn up the inside when not in use on the round. Since it’s only a single round in between stitch pattern, you don’t even have to catch the yarn as it is carried up. You don’t have to carry the yarn across the whole round.

You would do the same if you’re knitting in rows.

Once again, you are my hero! I was waiting to hear back from you to start on that section and even on New Year’s Day you are on the ball!

thank you!!!

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Anytime! I like the idea of two color lice pattern. I’ve never done that.