Libravox. What a cool site for listening to books & more

This is incredible. I haven’t listened to anything but the beginning of a Mark Twain novel but there’s bunches to listen to. Quite amazing esp if you don’t like taking audio books out from the library (coz I always return them late)

Agreed! I found Librivox about a year ago when someone here on KH mentioned it. Since then I’ve enjoyed The Wind in the Willows, Howard’s End, and especially Helen Keller’s autobiography – amazing!

It’s so cool to be able to do yard work, wash dishes, and, yes, knit, while listening to great works of literature and some really fine stories.

I only just heard about it I bookmarked it but haven’t tried it yet.

Oh I have to try those, thanks! I read Howard’s End many years ago…

I might just get to “read” all of Dickens this way, once i finish with Jane Austen, that is. Thanks for the heads up.