LF: Non Felted Bag

I love the look of knitted bags, but I hate the fabric that felting produces. I am desperately craving a bag like this one, but unfelted. One of my friends would probably die of geekiness if I managed to finish this for her birthday (I’m more of an Imperialist, myself. Bad guys rock). I have a chart, but I’ve never done anything like this kind of colour work before. worried

So, I am coming to you all in your infinite wisdom to advise me on:

a) finding a pattern to base this on, preferably in the round
b) what kind of yarn to use for an unfelted bag (will it always stretch?)
c) finding instructions/an article on how to line a purse, bag, whatever. I have never sewn in my life.


Oh wow !!! I love that bag !!! I also have the perfect star wars lining to go with it !!! My son (who is an amputee) is getting a new socket. When you get a new socket made the prosthetic maker can laminate a fabric onto the soket to make it unique. My son and I went out to wal-mart and walked through the fabric aisle and he picked out a fabric that had all the bad guys from star wars on it. I bought a yard of it (knowing that would be too much) and was wondering what I would do with the left overs. Woohoo !!! The perfect bag!!!

Here is how you add a lining to a bag !! Don’t get overwhelmed by it. I can’t sew either and this site helped me out a ton!!