Lever knitting issue


Having always used the lever method of knitting I find it extremely difficult to knit with circular needles. I just have to have the right needle pinned under my armpit and really struggle to throw the yarn if not. My question is do many of you adapt patterns designed for circular needles to flat knitting. It seems like most of the patterns I pick up are in the round which immediately puts me off…


I’m not sure you can knit with circular needles while lever knitting. I saw some videos on YouTube so you might try looking at some of those. Maybe someone here will know as well.


To me it looks like the best solution is to use longer double pointed needles if you want to keep using the lever knitting style. Then you do not need to adapt the patterns at all.


I am also a lever knitting and have the same challenge with circular needles. I made a triangular shawl with many stitches on a circular needle but found it slow and tedious. I persevered and finished it but it was not an enjoyable project. I hold my needle like a pencil or under my right arm. This is much faster for me.
I saw an old photo of a woman knitting a Cowichan sweater. This is done in the round, and the knitter used numerous double points. I am thinking of trying that. I bought a large set of very long needles from China for this purpose. I am thinking this would be the best solution. Has anyone else tried this?


Thanks everyone, I may give the longer dp needles a go sometime, it is so frustrating though trying to adapt to holding the right needle and wrap the yarn without letting go of the right needle. Every so often I give it another try, think Im too long in the tooth to change now lol, lots of swearing… The frustrating thing is that so many patterns (I mainly stick to baby clothes) are knitted in the round, I am sure it gives a better finish but its not so easy to find new modern patterns which are knitted straigh. Thanks again for your support, much appreciated