Let's talk dog sweaters

My coworker has a little dog (I have yet to find out the breed) and she has mentioned she would like a sweater for her. I just browsed some patterns. Are they hard to get on the dog? I can see the ones that button up the top of the back would be nice to get on and off but what about other styles?
Any tips on making a great dog sweater?

It really depends on the dog. My dog has never been dressed so if I were to make him a sweater I would probably do one with buttons or snaps for easy on easy off. My bro and sil alway dress their dog and don’t have any problems with a pull over type. He is actually getting a sweater from me for Christmas(you can see it on my blog.)
Knitting Pattern Central has a ton of free dog sweaters that are adorable!

try here

Are you talking about trying to make sure the sweater fits the dog while you’re knitting it, because I think that might be harder than just knitting the sweater itself.

Knitty just put a doggie sweater pattern out in their latest issue, check it out:http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter07/PATTcablesandbits.html

I just finished the sweater that buttons at the top and it’s very cute on Sadie, my friend’s dog. It was a quick knit, too, very simple long as you have all the measurements. For my own little guy, I’d like to knit it, to keep his tum warm, but I doubt he’d let me put his feet into the holes. Very stubborn fellow! samm

I measured the circumference of my chubby dog’s neck, and the width across her back, and her length, from neck to tailbone, in order to make a sweater that fit her just right.
The pattern I was using was for a slimmer dog, so, I had to do a lot of measuring, to make her’s fit right.:knitting: