Let's hear it for the cat ~..~

I started making fishies in January and have been collecting them in a paperbag. I just couldn’t get into it. I thought to myself that I would make 3 kitty blankets for the family cats for Christmas. Finally over the weekend I was tired of the fishies sitting in my closet. I counted my fish up and decided that I would need 20 fish to do a blanket. Well, I had 40 in the bag. So, after 3 days of only knitting fish (and dang I got tired of them lol) I had enough to do my 3 blankets. My son and I sat down Tuesday morning and put 1 blanket of fishies in order. After a whole day of sewing (which I like to get out of lol) I have one finished blanket !!! Woohoo!

My kitty Felix seems to be enjoying the 1st blanket. Guess I am going to have to break down sometime and make him one too lol.

Cute kitty!! :heart:

I’d go crazy seaming all those fishies! :shock:

Looks great though. :slight_smile:

Oh how fun!! I bet that WAS a pain to seam. Even still, I think I know a cat or two who neeeeeeeeeeds one of those. Where did you get the pattern for the fishies? It’d be so good to use up leftovers!

How cute! Good choice for a kitty blanket! :thumbsup:

OK I would love to do that for my three cats. Pattern?

Well, I can’t seem to find the original pattern on the internet. If you search for fish afghan I am sure you can find it. This pattern is very similar to the one i used.

I used a bunch of scrap yarn and size 10.5 US needles.


Gracious that’s cute! Great idea to make a kitty blanket. I really like the look of the fish afghan, but will neva eva do it because I can’t. stand. seaming.!! Looks great! Hope your kitty doesn’t tell my kitty…

That is very cool! Your cat seems to enjoy it…hehe. I would be going nuts over the seeming part. :shock:

I love it…kitty seems to love it more, though…which is good :thumbsup:

GREAT! :slight_smile:
I’ve got 3 cats… I think they would be really glad if I… but I’m very lazy! :wink:

What a FUN way to use up scraps! I absolutely LOVE it! I am going to have to find the fishy pattern.

Felix knows what he likes!

Aww Felix likes it! Good for you doing all that fish-knitting and seaming…I think I would knit like 2 fish and give up… :rollseyes:

That is hilarious! Very cool. :thumbsup:

That is so neat!

It is here.

Knitter’s Magazine. Summer 1998. Eyelets and Cables, p. 62. Festive Fish Afghan, p. 66.

LOL ! Thank goodness someone found it! I got it off the internet a while ago. This site has it too.


Oh and by the way I have seamed the 3rd blanket together and now I am weaving in the ends !!! Wohoo! I really didn’t think I would get them done this year ! Yay for me ! :roflhard:

Ohhhhh I love it! It’s funtastic! Now I know what to do with the acrylic yarn I bought when I first started knitting and never wanted to use after I really got into it. Thanks!

Wow–what a cute bankie!! I think I’d rather just do ONE plain one without having to seam—I HATE seaming–but then I’d have no fishies!! :frowning:

The seaming wasn’t that hard. I just made tails as long as my arm and used them to seam them up. The frustrating part for me was pinning all the fishies together :lol: .