Lengthening the Sleeves on EZ's Baby Surprise

I am planning on making a couple Baby Surprise sweaters in July and August, but I dislike that the sleeves are so short. Does anyone know of a pattern variation (or a way to vary the pattern) so that the arms are “regular” length?

Also, I was wondering if anyone has ideas about how to modify it for older babies. I know EZ says that you can use a different gauge in order to make it fit a 1 year old, but how about for a 2 year old?



OTN: Koigu shawl for my MIL; hooded baby sweater for a friend; cashmerino scarf for FIL; sweater for cousin; sweater for friend’s daughter (uhhh… do I really need to start more projects?)

Most people have just picked up stitches on the ends of them and added a cuff. I think it’s easier that way.

To make it bigger you could use heavier yarn and larger needles.

Gauge is everything with this sweater. I would try a chunky yarn and 6 mm/6.5 mm needles, but there’s no telling what you will end up with until you try. I’m sure there’s a formula, but I don’t know what it is.

As for how to lengthen, what I did was pick up stitches at the end of each arm and did more garter stitch for a couple of rows. I then decreased some stitches and continued in garter stitch. (I think I went from 45 to 34 stitches, though I can’t really remember) … the decreases gave a tapered effect.

Good luck, I just love this sweater. :heart: It’s quick and fun and so amazingly engineered.

I picked up stitches at the end of the sleeve to make them longer. It took me a couple tries to figure out the best way to pick them up so it wouldn’t show. Here’s my quote from the Baby Surprise KALin the KAL forum:

[COLOR=Blue][B]1. With right side facing you pick up 35 stitches through the front loop.
2. Knit as many rows as you want…working a right side row last. Wrong side row will be facing you. Bind off in knit.

I did 14 rows which added about 2 inches, but I don’t know if it’s really long enough. You could also do some ribbing before finding off. I chose to end there and do an attached i-cord.[/B]

[COLOR=Black]This one was knitted with worsted weight yarn and appropriate needles and it would probably fit a 2 yr old. I don’t have one to try it on though.


Meg Swansen makes this jacket on a DVD, and in the section in which she shows modifications etc. she shows an enormous adult sized version of it which apparently some other knitter accidentally made by using thick yarn and needles. I love the baby ones, but the adult one looks a little silly to me. I should go look at tghe DVD again and see if she makes specific suggestions for creating larger sizes. I really don’t remember.

There actually is a pattern for the Adult surprise jacket. I think you double the number of stitches and used worsted with larger needles.

There actually is an Adult sized pattern - I think you double the stitches and use worsted yarn with larger needles.

The adult pattern uses percentages to figure out large to make it for an adult. So you need to make measurements, etc. I would join the yahoo group for this one for sure.