Length Of Turtleneck?

I’m working on a sweater, top down. I decided I’d like this one to be a turtleneck type sweater. I am just wondering about how long should the neck be?

I’m thinking something in the neighborhood of 5 to 6 inches. Does this sound about right?

Hi Mason,

I’m thinking that the length of a turtleneck is in the eye of the beholder.

I looked up Turtlenecks in my Knitter’s Workshop book by knitting Guru Elizabeth Zimmerman and in regards to adding turtlenecks to a sweater: “Knit until you are sick and tired of it.”

In the Sweater Workshop by Jaqueline Fey, it says to knit the neck 6" to roll the collar once and 9" to roll it twice.

Hope this helps!


I think a lot depends on how high you want it to rise. Do you want it tickling your chin or just an inch or two up the neck. I personally don’t like clothing coming up to my chin so I would probably go closer to 4". If you like a really pouffy neckline you might go 8" or more.

Somehow I can’t picture Mason in a poofy necked anything. :roflhard:

That was good info, Susan.:thumbsup:

I was going to offer the same Elizabeth Zimmerman advice. I think that is the best knitting instruction ever.

Is it for a snapping turtle or a slider?

If it’s for a painted, they don’t like sweaters of any kind.

Definitely a snapper :rofl:

I’d say to measure your neck from base to where ever you want the turtle to stop, then double that measurement (for the roll) and then it will be long enough. Good luck Mason!


Besure to use white yarn in the center front of the turtle neck for that holy man look! :roflhard:

(Not that anyone would see it underneath the beard… :think: )


P. S. You might even include a “bow-tie” in the turtle neck for those, “formal dinners” so common on the road. :slight_smile: