Length of Needle Question

Hi! I’m making a baby blanket which calls for a size 3 needle. The pattern maker said she uses circular needles but didn’t say what length. The yarn is a light weight or do weight (originally calling for Debbie Bliss Cashmerino). Cast on is 150 stitches.

Any idea? I’ve only recently crossed over from crocheting to knitting. So much to learn! :knitting:

For a baby blanket I’d use at least a 40" inch or so. I’d rather have a longer cable than necessary than one that’s too short. It makes it easier to put down without the work coming off the end of the needles.

If you know your gauge you can get a good idea of how wide your 150 sts will be and from there determine your needle length.

If you have interchangeable needles and start out with a length of cable you’re not happy with you can change it out at any point. If you used fixed circs it’s better to err on the side of too long rather than too short if you’re buying needles for the pattern.

Thanks for the help with the baby blanket.



I’d personally try 24" cables with lightweight yarn. But maybe graduate to 32" cables. With long long cables I find it tiresome to constantly be queuing the stitches up on the lefthand needle. By queuing them I mean hauling them up, or scooting them up to be knit. I’ve always used the shortest (24") cables first. If that’s too too scrunched, I grudgingly up it to 32" cables. It’s faster knitting for me with 24" cables. Less time spent queuing the stitches to be knit of the lefthand needle tip.